Cooperative Gaming
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What is Cooperative Gaming?

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Cooperative Gaming is a community which mainly focuses on the Co-op aspect of Arma 3. We have daily in-house made missions which we try to solve in a very professional and realistic style. All of our members have access to MCC and Zeus on our private servers which allow for very dynamic and open missions which can test our communication, teamwork and tactics.

We work with 2 mandatory practices per week where everyone groups up in the teamspeak and we all enjoy a nice mission made by our designated mission maker professionals based on life-like missions. Our aim is to be as close to real life as possible although we always love to hear a joke while being transported to our AO.

We are looking for mature people with a good attitude and preferably went through puberty already. Having military experience is definitely a plus but not a must. We are currently a European based community but we will look into getting US servers if there is enough interest for it.

Why chose Cooperative Gaming?

Cooperative Gaming is made up of members from different communites and games that have had different experiences. From this we have taken all the best bits from each of our past communities and had made what we believe to be the best of the best. We have structure, weekly gaming sessions run on the same date and time each week and we have people who will be happy to assist you at any time.

Within our games we are tactical and incorporate real life military tactics into our games so you can expect a professional and well planned mission. We also have non-serious games which you are free to have fun with! Alternatively you can join our public or private server and see what you and other members can get up too!

Sound cool? Then head on over to our forums, Create and account and then fill out the simple, quick and easy applicaiton form! You'll receive a reply within a couple of hours and will be set on your way to joining our ranks!

We look forward to playing with you!