Meet the Founders

There are three founders of Cooperative Gaming who have all taken the best of their experiences and bundled it into the Co-op Gaming that you see today! Together they continue to push on and help the community grow!


[CG] Henk

"I really enjoy gaming, This community is really special and it's a great place for friends to become best friends."

Captain Black Beard 4th

Captain Black Beard 4th

"Narghh, I be Captain Black Beard the 4th. I am a master in the art of Pirate. Nyarghh!"



"I've always enjoyed gaming, origionally I a console gamer but then I joined PC gaming and loved it ever since. CG has all the best parts from everywhere!"

Why Choose Co-op Gaming?

Cooperative Gaming is made up of members from different communites and games that have had different experiences. From this we have taken all the best bits from each of our past communities and had made what we believe to be the best of the best.

Team Work!

Wither the mission is small or large, we work together to acheive our goal as quickly and efficiently as possible! Using a mixture of real life military tactics we work to ensure the missions success!


From the lowest rank to the highest, everyone is treated with the up most respect. No one is below anyone and we all ensure that everyone feels welcome!


Wither it's ingame, on the forums or on teamspeak. Communication is vital, we work to ensure that we are always communicating with all our members and work to make sure that we involve everyone in decisions that could change the community!


Everyone puts in their 101% within Cooperative Gaming. It's the dedication and drive of our members that keep us going, wanting to acheive more and become the best of the best! Do you have the dedication needed?


Leadership is a key role within any community, as such we ensure that all of the members in leading roles are mature and able to carry out the task's asked off them. They are friendly and approachable so feel free to ask around!


Most importantly as with any community, the goal is to make friends and find people to play the games you love. Within Cooperative Gaming we are positive you will find new friends to play with on a regular basis!

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Some Facts About Us

2 Mandatory Practices per week

We run with 2 mandatory practices per week with optional missions in between the two dates!

Self Hosted Servers

We host all our own servers to ensure that we have full control over them and that they can be changed to suit each need.

We accept everyone

No matter where your from, your age or your gender, everyone is welcome!

Questions & Answers

Our rules are located on the forums, you can use this link to view them:
Cooperative Gaming was established on the 31st of January 2015, since then we have been growing, expanding and improving the community!
The application process is extremely easy and quick to do, all you need to do is create an account on our forums and then complete the application form. Once you've done that, you create a thread to notify us that you have done so and then we process you and place you into a squad. Overall the process should take no more than 24 hours!
Primarily we are an ARMA 3 community although if we get enough interest for a certain game then we would be happy to set up teams for said game.

Want to find out more?

Feel free to head on over to our contact us page and send us an email or alternatively you can join our teamspeak and ask your quesitons in there!

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